Nasturtium Seed Packet
Nasturtium Seed Packet
Nasturtium Seed Packet

Graen Studios

Nasturtium Seed Packet


Designed by Graen Studios, this seed packet is perfect for art and nature lovers. Easy to grow, nasturtiums produce beautiful edible flowers and leaves. Made with longevity and versatility in mind, the packet can be kept after sowing the seeds for you to enjoy the artwork as a miniature print.

- Contains approx 40 seeds of the Jewel variety
- Botanical name: Tropaeolum majus
- Seeds from Organic Certified and Defra Registered Supplier
- Printed on 160gsm uncoated paper
- Hand-assembled and packed in England
- Store in a dry place

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Karl Blossfeldt’s 1929 publication, Art Forms in Nature was the starting point for a series of photographic studies that cover these seed packets. The image is reproduced to the same size as one of the original camera plates that Blossfeldt used.

Due to import regulations we cannot ship this product to countries outside of the European Union.

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