Seed to Study exhibition at Botany



Seed to Study is an exhibition of fine art photographs by Graen Studios 
20 June – 1 September 2019
Botany, 5 Chatsworth Rd, Clapton, London, E5 0LH



About the exhibition

Nature is an intrinsic part of our existence and the act of sowing seeds can reinforce this connection.
Seed to Study explores the act of sowing seeds and the transformation from seed to a fully grown subject.

The act of sowing seeds is a meditative one – from taking the seeds in your hand, nurturing them as they sprout and grow, to observing the final harvest. The whole process encourages moments of stillness and reflection, from seed to study.

This series of photographic studies invites a closer look at the intricate details of nature that can be produced from the tiniest of seeds. Inspiration came from Karl Blossfeldt’s 1929 publication, Art Forms in Nature.

“My botanical documents should contribute to restoring the link with nature. They should reawaken a sense of nature, point to its teeming richness of form, and prompt the viewer to observe for himself the surrounding plant world.” - Karl Blossfeldt

Creating the images in this study was at times a painstaking process, where isolating and working with a single small plant form echoed the laborious rituals of gardening.


How to purchase artwork

There are 5 prints available to purchase online or in store at Botany. Each is an edition of 20, measuring 213 x 298 mm and is printed as an archival giclée on Hahnemüle Fine Art Pearl paper.

The images are also used to illustrate seed packets, designed by Graen Studios and are also available to purchase at Botany.


Seed to Study is on until 1 September 2019 at Botany, 5 Chatsworth Rd, Clapton, London, E5 0LH