Inspiration from Nature #009


Image: Patti Smith 1979 © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation 


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1. Listen
The Peregrine. David Attenborough reads from J.A. Baker's British nature writing classic which was published over fifty years ago to critical acclaim. Written in the form of a diary, it covers seven months from autumn to spring and charts Baker's observations of this extraordinary predator.

Image: David Attenborough © BBC

2. Watch
Sambuichi - Building with Sun, Water and Air. Travel through an enchanting sea of light and darkness orchestrated by the praised Japanese architect Hiroshi Sambuichi. He here shares his thoughts behind the wondrous water and light installation set in an old underground water reservoir. 

3. Grow
A guide to sowing Sweet Peas

Image: © Graen Studios

4. Read
Imogen Cunningham, The Woman Plants Talked To