Inspiration from Nature #003


Image: Dieter Rams
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1. Watch
Forest, Field & Sky: Art out of Nature on BBC iPlayer. Dr James Fox takes a journey through six different landscapes across Britain, meeting artists whose work explores our relationship to the natural world. From Andy Goldsworthy's beautiful stone sculptures to James Turrell's extraordinary sky spaces, this is a film about art made out of nature itself.

Image: Still of Andy Goldsworthy in Forest, Field & Sky: Art out of Nature
2. Visit
David Nash: Sculpture Through the Seasons at  National Museum Cardiff till 1 September. The largest and most ambitious exhibition of David Nash's work ever presented in Wales. The exhibition features key sculptures from the late 1960s to the present day, exploring the different ways the artist has cut, carved and manipulated wood to produce sculptures that sit between the abstract and figurative. 
Image: David Nash, Nine Cracked Balls, 1970 © the Artist, photograph: Jonty Wilde
3. Read
Oliver Sacks on The Healing Power of Gardens. Even for people who are deeply disabled neurologically, nature can be more powerful than any medication.
CreditDavid Lees/Corbis, via VCG, via Getty Images
4. Listen
Music for Nine Postcards (1982) by Hiroshi Yoshimura. Inspired by a series of window views, including the architecture of the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo and its view of the trees in its courtyard from the interior. In the songs’ titles, and in the few translated texts surrounding the release, he links them to broadly-drawn images of the natural world: clouds, rain, a tree’s shade.