Growing Guide: Organic Wild Rocket


Image: Graen Studios

Wild Rocket (Botanical name: Diplotaxis Tenuifolia)
A widely used edible plant that produces long, serrated leaves with a distinctly peppery flavour. Also known by the name arugula.




Sow in early Spring right through to late Autumn. Sow thinly in straight lines and lightly cover the seed with soil. Keep out of direct sunlight until germinated then transplant when larger. Sow in succession and pick regularly for a year round harvest. Leaves should be ready to eat within four to six weeks from sowing. Ensure the soil is moist, well drained and preferably in full sun. Protect from frost in colder months with a horticultural fleece cover.
Although the leaves are most commonly consumed, the yellow flowers are also edible. Harvest the leaves when young and tender. This peppery leaf is packed full of nutrients. The younger leaves are milder and sweeter than the older leaves, which have a stronger flavour. Do not use any chemicals when growing for consumption.

Image: Steven Broere (@woodsorrelltd)


Our seed packets are made with longevity and versatility in mind, so the packet can be kept after sowing the seeds for you to enjoy the artwork as a miniature print. Each packet contains approximately 3000 Organic Wild Rocket seeds and come from an Organic Certified and Defra Registered Supplier in the UK.

Image: Graen Studios Organic Wild Rocket Seed Packet