Growing Guide: Sweet Pea


Image: Graen Studios

Sweet Pea (Botanical name: Lathyrus Odoratus)
An excellent cut flower with a beautiful scent




Sow in pots in Autumn or into the ground or pots in Spring. Toilet tissue tubes are perfect for starting seeds in, providing a deep, narrow space for long roots to establish. If sowing in Autumn start indoors on a windowsill and once germinated begin to 'harden off' by bringing outdoors in the day then back in at night. This will help the plants acclimatise to the colder weather and prevent them from becoming leggy. Sweet Peas love to climb so use supporting sticks. Keep well watered.
An excellent cut flower with a beautiful scent, the more you pick, the more they'll grow. Sweet Peas were a floral sensation of the Victorian period. Do not consume as they are highly toxic. 

Image: Frida Kim floral arrangement photographed by Genevieve Lutkin


Our seed packets are made with longevity and versatility in mind, so the packet can be kept after sowing the seeds for you to enjoy the artwork as a miniature print. Each packet contains approximately 60 seeds of the Swan Lake variety and come from an Organic Certified and Defra Registered Supplier in the UK.

Image: Graen Studios Sweet Pea Seed Packet