Growing Guide: Red Perilla


Image: Graen Studios

Red Perilla (Botanical name: Perilla frutescens)
An edible plant with deep purple leaves also known by the name 'shiso' in Japanese, 'tía tô' in Vietnamese, 'kkaennip' in Korean or the English language name 'beefsteak plant'. 



Sow thinly in trays from early Spring. Lightly cover the seed and keep out of direct sunlight until germinated. Once seedlings have appeared, ensure the soil is moist, well drained and preferably in full sun. 
This is a classic herb used in Asian cooking, often found in salads, tempura or eaten with sushi and sashimi. The deep violet colour is one of its most distinctive characteristics, which makes it commonly used for pickling foods such as umeboshi (Japanese plums) and sushi ginger. Experiment with making an alternative red pesto, shiso juice or a sorbet. Do not use any chemicals when growing for consumption.
Image: Shiso sorbet 


Our Red Perilla seed packets are made with longevity and versatility in mind, so the packet can be kept after sowing the seeds for you to enjoy the artwork as a miniature print. Each packet contains approximately 1300 seeds of the Red variety and come from an Organic Certified and Defra Registered Supplier in the UK.

Image: Graen Studios Red Perilla Seed Packet